Quiz Answers!

I had a student today who said I must get so bored teaching him beginning piano, going over and over scales, chords, basic rhythm. I assured him this is not so.  While I love working with professionals, I also love the structure and science of music that teaching beginning piano and music theory puts me in touch with. 

Also, I love to dance.  It's the creative discipline I practice just because I love to do it, without any expectation that I will ever actually achieve anything with it.  I owe my sanity in large part to dance teachers and dancing partners who are patient enough to dance with an amateur.  So I guess I'm partly returning a favor to the universe by teaching beginning piano, on top of the fact that I don't mind it as part of the mix (if it were the only thing I did every day, I would indeed go crazy pretty fast). 

So, I guess my quiz was pretty hard, huh!?  I had a lot of feedback to that effect.  I guess if you're not google-cheating, it was pretty tricky.  Heck, I google-cheated making it up!  I did have one friend who quickly facebooked me the answers including the song titles, so it wasn't "Impossible".  Which, by the by, was number 4.

Here are the answers:
1. C - Hallelujah
2. F - Possession (Sarah McLachlan)
3. D - Anna Begins
4. A - Impossible (Cristina Aguilera)
5. G - Addicted (Kelly Clarkson)
6. J - Torn
7. I - Gravity (Sara Bareilles)
8. H - Tunnel of Love
9. E - She's Your Cocaine
10. B - Mean