1988 - Together Forever

 I love this song!  I love the melody of the chorus!  That is a fun melody!  I love the chord progression, especially the Dmaj7-F/G-Cmaj7 progression of the prechorus (or bridge?  Or second half of the verse?  Not sure what to call that.).  At least I think that's what the chords are - I did this song on Tuesday, and I'm writing this in Starbucks where I'm killing time between things. 

This was one of the songs I was surprised to like.  I'm pretty bad at playing - this style is not my strong suit.  But I'm having fun jamming to the recording. 

1988: I don't remember much specifically about this year.  I had a really nice second grade teacher, Mrs. Silva, and was also in the enrichment class with Mrs. Giese, who had us make papier mache whales and coyotes.  You can probably give her credit for any small personal actions I take on behalf of the environment.  In that class, I wrote for an esteemed newspaper, The Noodle Times, which sold for a dime at our school, Jose Barrios Elementary.  I kicked ass at Oregon Trail and Logo.  We had music class about once a week.  I recall learning rhythms and folk songs and stuff like that, but I have to admit, my most vivid memory of music class was our teacher showing us her earlobe and how it was split in two from a long-ago earring accident. 

Ah, small-town life!