1991 - Rush, Rush

I'm trying really hard to write every day this month, and it's so hard!  There just isn't time!

Yesterday I learned "It Must've Been Love", which became a hit single for Roxette in 1990.  I didn't remember who recorded it, and I didn't know they were Swedish.  My Swedish friend tells me that Sweden is the world's 3rd largest exporter of music, after te U.S. and U.K. 

Today's song was "Rush, Rush".  I discovered the internet is full of veiled insults of Paula Abdul.  Poor thing, she never says anything bad about anyone... at least not on air. 

When I chose to do a project on "standards", I intended to stick more closely to the 32-bar musical-comedy-turned-jazz-standard variety than I actually have.  But it did occur to me that learning a song a day would raise the standard of my playing, and that I might have a chance to mull over what makes a song become a standard.  Who decides these things?

"Rush, Rush" was at the top of Billboard Hot 100 during my birthday week in 1991, and now Itunes review of Paula Abdul's greatest hits album starts with words to the effect of "the only Paula Abdul album you'll need".  Food for thought.