2010 - California Gurls

Greetings, loved ones.  Let's take a journey.  So says Snoop Dogg at the beginning of "California Gurls", the hit song from my birthday week this year. 

That's more or less what I told myself in the wee hours of New Year's Day of this year when I embarked on this possibly-insane project of attempting to learn and memorize a pop song every day and writing about the experience.  And here we are at the halfway point.  Happy Halfway Point!

So far:
My Perfectionazi still talks to me but I'm getting better at telling him to eff off.  The Doubts are harder to deal with because there's the most infinitesimal chance that there's a grain of truth in what they say.  I'm spending somewhere in the range of 15-20 hours a week on a project that doesn't pay, but it is paying off in other ways: I hear music differently now, I discover new music every day, I connect with people more often over music because now I know  - or at least know of - the songs they're talking about. 
I want to stay up and wax eloquent about  what I've learned so far, what I think this project is about, what fresh geekery today's song has inspired, but I'm just too damn tired.  If I've learned one thing, it's that I have to concede some nights to getting a semi-decent amount of sleep. 

I've also learned how much I resent sleep.  So just a tiny tidbit of geekery:

Aughto-tune: the sound of the Aughts.  Pretty much every hit song today uses it.  That hit home this morning when I was downloading "California Gurls" and I listened to the 30-second snippets of all the other current hits on iTunes.  Little kids today will one day feel about the sound of auto-tune the same way I feel about 80s power ballads that modulate up a whole step at the end. Nostalgia.

Today's song is pretty straightforward, form-wise: verse-prechorus-chorus x 2, bridge (which is Snoop Dogg's rap), chorus, tag.  The melody is really solidly in F; the bass never hits an F.  In the end, the bass drops out and the treble resolves to an F to finish the song.  One thing I don't miss about the 80s: repeat and fade on every song!

Onward - birthday month is over, have to figure out how I'm going to choose my songs now!