Notes from the Road

Buffalo, all week:

I love staying in hotels!  I haven't jumped on the bed yet, but rest assured, I will.

No access to a piano today.  Listened to "Candle in the Wind", analyzed the harmony on the lyric sheet.  Checked against the Elton John piano/vocal book I brought, was pleased with how accurate I was.  Sang along (quietly) with the recording (I have a room to myself).  Will have to do the rest another day, but at least I have a good start on being familiar with the song.

I've blocked out times each day when I can be by myself in a room with a piano to learn my song.  It's a bit of a challenge between my schedule at this camp, and the overall rehearsal schedule - sometimes all the rooms with pianos are being used by other parts of the camp, even if I have an hour off. 

Tomorrow will be the hardest day to fit it in: a long day of youth-flavored, administrative and musical mayhem, followed by Beer O'Clock, which I understand is celebrated with almost religious fervor at the end of every day.  Work hard, play hard.  This is gonna be a fun week.  I get to music direct, I'm with a group of people I really like working with, and if Buffalo is a little less glamorous than New York City, it's also less murderously hot.  I wore a sweater outdoors tonight for the first time in months. I've never really pursued touring, but as we got oriented at the theater this afternoon, it crossed my mind that I might really enjoy it.