Autumn leaves

Beautiful fall weather, and though the trees are only beginning to change, I am inspired to think of sweaters and fall songs, and eat spiced, pumpkin-y things.
This is totally a cheater song. I've learned this before, back in the day when I was studying jazz. I am so, so, so freaking tired. I was gonna learn another Sara Bareilles song, but it's quarter to 2 in the morning, I just finished getting paperwork together for my tax appointment tomorrow (I filed for an extension in the wake of the break-up/move... wow, does 6 months go by fast) and I have a really long day tomorrow. And I played this song on Monday at my lobby gig, and was not happy with the results. How can I not remember it like... a piece of cake? (I never forget a piece of cake.) I learned it before I began listening and thinking more like a jazz musician, and it's in there the old way. And I just haven't played or thought about this song for quite some time.

Plenty to write about, but I am still set to "Plow". Things should calm down a little in a couple weeks. 

Here's Keith Jarrett playing "Autumn Leaves"...