King of Anything

I guess the least I can give you is a list!
9/25 - "Dream a Little Dream of Me"
9/26 - "Yesterday"
9/27 - "Virtual Insanity"
9/28 - "The Lucky One"
9/29 - "All I Wanna Do"
9/30 - "Letterbomb"
10/1 - "Vegas"
10/2 - "King of Anything"

This is one of those weeks where I'll look back a couple months from now and say, "I grew as a musician that week" ... but right now I'm just plowing through.  All those songs are for shows I had last week or this coming week, except "Yesterday", which was a get-out-of-jail-free card (ie a song I already kinda knew before the year began), and "King of Anything", which I'm about to learn right now.  I first heard it on the radio when I was home in New Mexico.  I think I tuned in right around the lyric of the pre-chorus: "I hate to break it to you babe, but I'm not drowning...", and was hooked by the line "so you dare tell me who to be?"  How refreshing to have a pop song by a female artist that says "I'm sticking to my guns about who I am, no matter what you say".

It's getting late.  Off I go.