Put Your Records On

It's absurd that I'm awake at this hour, but I got a lot done tonight. 

A feel-good song.  Today was the kind of day where I looked for a while before I chose a song - something to cheer me up after last night's malaise.  There's a time to stop singing the blues.  Put your records on, let your hair down, don't worry that you haven't figured yourself out.  Self-medicating with music - yes.  Don't we all do this?  And it's one of the rare life-enhancing ways to self-medicate.

Perfect song - great lyric, easy form (bog standard verse-chorus-bridge form), easy tempo, lots of interesting stuff in the harmony, melody & arrangement.  Tonight for the first time I made a note on my lyric/analysis sheet of what I want to continue working on on this song... I'm quicker and better than I was at the beginning of the year, but also more aware of all the stuff I could work on that a part of one day doesn't allow.  Less worried about not having it perfect, but still want to come back for more with each song.  Infinity of music - never run out of things to discover even in one simple pop song.  My notes for this one: pay more attention to exactly what the bass is doing; transcribe the vocal arrangement for the last half of the bridge and beginning of the chorus right after the bridge.

Another case of I-write-more-when-I'm-sad-than-happy, but I really, really have to get some sleep.