Undone (the Sweater Song)

Today's song choice is in compliance with rule number one (dig the song, want to learn it), if a little sketchy on rule number two (how standard is standard?). 

The other day, I was killing a half hour between appointments at one of my favorite bakeries, outwardly drinking tea and prepping for a rehearsal, inwardly waging a particularly brutal battle with the FoG-AL (pronounced FUG-all, like a drunk-slurred version of f*ck-all, which is about all the Fairy of God-Awful Loneliness is useful for).  This song came on, and it made me smile.  A quirky song-jewel.

"Undone" has three chords - you guessed it, I, IV and V.  I / IV / - V / IV / ... for the entire song.  In F# except for the guitar solo, which is in A.  There are very few lyrics, if you don't count the spoken bits. It is not a very pianistic song.  I played around a bit with how I might arrange it if I were to play a snippet of it at a cocktail gig.  I half-ass learned the guitar solo and noticed how it built and the choice of notes leading to the key change back to F#.  I learned the vocal harmonies for the second chorus.  I tried unsuccessfully to find online any info on what I believe is a prepared-piano outtro (anyone know about that?).  Maybe not the most educational song I could've chosen from a piano-playing perspective, but I always get something out of learning a song I like, if only because it keeps me more engaged than a song that I'm learning because I "should". 

Speaking of destroying sweaters, I just acquired a Guard-Kitten.  I'm naming him Diesel, because his purr is loud and his farts stink (seriously!).  Diesel Boots McFerrin - McFerrin for Bobby McFerrin (a musical hero who rehearses without shoes on; Diesel has black fur and white-sock-feet); Boots because I keep hearing it when I say the name to myself.  Deez-Boots sounds like a good urban-musician-cat name.  He is the sweetest, snuggliest thing ever.  My friends Matt and Jess rescued him from the alleyway behind their house, and they already have a cat who was very insulted by this little upstart's presence in her castle.  I haven't had a practice session at home since I got him yesterday, but I played for a few minutes last night, and he was fascinated.