Beauty and the Beast

Well, wouldn't you know it, today I woke up wanting to learn "Beauty and the Beast".   The other day, it was the last song in the world I wanted to listen to and play.  It's on my list more for Rule #2 than #1, though the movie was one of my favorite disney movies as a kid. My theory is that I want to hear it today because I'm sick - achy/tired, think I was running a fever last night.  "Beauty and the Beast" is nostalgic and comforting, and also pretty famliar.  I don't have the energy to start a song from scratch tonight.  I already spent a little time today on "Change the World", which was yesterday's song - I did work on it last night, but gave up and went to bed because I was feeling like crap.  I feel a little better after my 3-hour nap this afternoon but am still only about 70%, so I will learn this simple little Disney song and call it a night.