Build Me Up Buttecup

VR: C'mon, Kat - all you have left to do tonight is learn your song.  Hop to it.

KG: What's that you say?  All I have to do tonight is get really, really hammered?

VR: No... even though that's what you want to do... just focus and work hard for five more days and it'll calm down a bit.

KG: Arrrghhhhhhhhhhh...

Ok, I'm glad that the voice of reason won out tonight, and I stopped at my customary two-beverage maximum while out with my old roommate who's in town - I have five more days of plowing through, and no time for a hangover.  More to the point, my song tonight was really fun.  I chose it because one of the contestants at my Stonewall gig sang it to a track a couple weeks ago, and I thought it'd be a good one to learn.  It has a I-III7 chord progression, one of my favorites.  It has other secondary dominants as well.  Secondary dominants... I have already paid my theory nerd dues today, teaching a pack of actors some klunky vocal arrangements (I got them to identify plagal cadences by ear, yay, can I get an amen?); suffice to say, secondary dominants are like briefly passing through another key on the way back to tonic. 

mmm... tonic...
I kinda miss having a social life, you know?  Stupid New York with its high cost of living and fierce professional competition and atmosphere of driven-ness.  I've been thinking a bit about what to do next year.  I want to keep growing as a musician, but I need to have a life.  And maybe a buttercup (not to be confused with a peanut butter cup). 

To be contemplated more later.  Now gonna catch some zzz's before I wake up and pull a beginning piano workshop out of thin air.