When You Wish Upon a Song:

Ok, I confess: I miss learning my song a day.

I could keep doing it.  I have half-ass learned a song about once a week this year ("I Say a Little Prayer", "Janie's Got a Gun", "Money, Money, Money", "But Not For Me").  But it's time to move on to new things.

And it's time to tell my gentle readers what those new things are, so I feel guilt-tripped into making them happen:

I don't have a clever name for this year's project, so I'm just calling it the Wish Project.  At the beginning of each week I complete the sentence "I wish I could..." with something specific that I'd like to be able to do musically, for instance, "I wish I could play the accordion so I can record a xote tune with my friends who play Brazilian music" (which was my first wish, much to my neighbors' chagrin!).  Then I spend whatever time I am able that week working toward that goal. 

With the weekly project, I have time to get in deeper, leave something overnight and come back to it, approach things a little differently.

The rules (always with the rules!) are:
1. I have to want to do what I choose to do (no fake wishes! no "shoulds"!).

2. I can come back to the same wish later, but not the following week - I have to let it go and move onto something else for at least a week. 

3. I will post videos of the wishes when they are ready to present to the public.  Gonna aim for about once a month, give or take a little since most of my projects are going to involve collaboration. 

Here are my wishes so far this year:
Jan 9: I wish I could play accordion so I can record a xote song with my friends who play Brazilian music. 

Jan 16: I wish I could play a Gershwin solo transcription (I chose "Swanee" because that was one of the songs in the book and on the Gershwin plays Gershwin piano rolls album, even though they're not the same version.

Jan 23: I wish I could play the piano for a singer the way Paul Smith played for Ella Fitzgerald (working on "Black Coffee" from the Intimate Ella album). 

Stay tuned, and feel free to suggest wishes!