Weekly Wish: 2/14/11 Oscar Song Medley

I wish I could take time to review songs I've learned.

Last year I always wished I had time to go back and review my daily songs.  I rarely did unless they came up for gigs.  Yesterday I was happy to discover that transposing "Open Arms" down a minor third is a cinch because I learned it last year. In a perfect world, though, I'd take more time to go back to songs I like, which is why I'm experimenting with taking things on a weekly basis this year. 

Last week was busy and stressful, and I found myself saying "I wish I had more time" and "I wish so-and-so would stop being a pain in the ass", etc., in place of the musical wish I didn't have time to make.  This week's not a lot less busy, but I need a fun wish, so I'm going to go back and review the Oscar songs and think about a mash-up (the irony that I was oblivious to the Grammys is not lost on me... hmmm...).