I am Officially a Music Nerd

It has happened, a whole new level of geekdom: I have been called a music nerd by strangers.  I got an email from the writer (?) on mastersdegree.net, notifying me that I'd been included in this article - a list of music theory blogs. Can you believe it? A whole list of other nerdy music blogs!  I am in heaven.  I can't want to have time to check them out. 

Today was a lighter work day, so I practiced a lot AND made potato soup and cornbread for dinner (be impressed. This is as domestic as I get.).  AND I also took a short nap with my Guard-Kitten.  He actually deigned to curl up by my tummy - he usually sleeps down by my feet, all the better to bite them when he wakes up and decides it's time to play.

Spent some time with Ray tonight.  (If you're just joining us, I'm working on Ray Charles' "Hard Times" this week - whether I deserve to be on first-name basis with him is debatable, but I'm working on it).  I quickly reminded myself of the chord progression (you may remember it was one of my songs last year), then I slowed things down a little with Quicktime and worked on the first verse.  Have decided to figure out the right hand part first, since I'm gonna have to add in a bass part for the left hand.  Practicing in slow-mo is fun, because I can hear every bend in Ray's voice.

Calling it a night - will have to live up to me music nerd reputation another night.  Definitely coming down with something, and tomorrow is Epic Wednesday, followed by my cousin's arrival Thursday night, followed by about 6 weeks without a full day off.  Freelance feast or famine: spring is harvest time.  Can't get sick!