Weekly Wish 3/14/11 - ???

Ugh.  I don't know.  I have a headache, and I keep getting sucked in to news coverage of the earthquake plus tsunami plus nuclear potential disaster in Japan.  I awoke Friday to my sister's facebook update that they were ok (she lives in western Japan, far from the quake, but close enough to feel the tremor that caused the tsunami), but that they hadn't heard from my cousin, who recently moved to Sendai to teach English.  Fortunately, my cousin was able to get in touch with her mom and sisters a couple hours after that to let everyone know she's safe.  Shaken up, sleeping (or not sleeping) at the school, but safe.    

Anyway, wishing is the last thing on my mind today, after family members' proximity to natural disasters, how many other people's family members are not ok and safe, and of course the usual din of 10 committee meetings going on in my head at once.  All is underscored by a steady drone of TIRED and CRANKY.     

...I guess I'll go back to Ben Folds.  I don't want to; I'm busy this week and would rather work on this one when I have more time, because I like it.  But I don't feel like breaking my no-two-weeks-in-a-row rule to repeat the Gershwin, and I haven't had time to get my accordion fixed, and I don't feel like starting anything new this week.  So Lullabye it is.  Harumph.    

I wish everything didn't take so much more time than I think it's going to take. 

I wish I didn't have a headache.  

And I wish I could play Lullabye, including the freakin' piano solo, well enough to record it with my buddies.  So there.  

I'm going to dance class now.  Hopefully I'll feel better after.  At least I'll look better.  Though I definitely won't smell better.