Oh, The Heck With It

 I am taking a break from coaching and organizing people and rehearsals and madly writing charts to bring you this bulletin:

Life does not fit neatly into hours or weeks right now.  Just GOOOOOOOO! The deadlines are coming, the deadlines are coming!  (Russians? Post-Cold War era summer camp games? Anyone?) So no "Weekly" - but I still have a couple ways to play my little deadline game with myself: On Thursday May 19, Nat and I will perform at her studio recital.  The following Sunday, I will play "'Round Midnight" at In the Pocket's recital.  I'm in crazy madness until this Sunday with Secret Garden.  So... what gets done will get done.  The rest... won't. 

Wish-wise, when I can snatch a few minutes, working on Nat's stuff first because we have to rehearse (ha! oh yeah, that!) before Thursday - chillin' with Oscar Peterson and "Every Time We Say Goodbye".  Then back to hang with Monk.  Then schedule will be downgraded from hurricane to tropical storm.  (Being too busy = excellent problem.)