Haiku #27 - Laundry Logistics

join the laundry queue
for the washer-dryer - or

Let me explain the logistics of one-nighters on the road:
*get up (sometimes offensively early, after having finished work around 10 or 11 pm) to get on the bus to the next city
*sleep/read/listen to music, etc. on the bus.  
*barring delays caused by traffic, mechanical problems, etc., arrive and check into the hotel in time to have a couple hours or so free before 
*to the theater for soundcheck, company meeting, prep/warm up for the show
*there's a dinner break in here somewhere
*do the show
*back to the hotel (or out, for the young and restless among us)
*sleep (or not)

So, now that we're in one place for a few nights, you can imagine the rush to do laundry.  30 people, give or take, who care about their appearance, more or less, one washer-dryer that sort of works (but it's cheap!).