Haiku #45 - Dollar Beer

Five dollars will buy
A great hoagie or five beers
Scranton has its perks

I am hungry, but I'm about to go to sleep, so instead of ordering pizza, which is what I really want to do, I'll just make a list of what I've eaten in the past couple days in Syracuse and Scranton:

both ends of the spectrum - incredible milkshakes at Strong Hearts Cafe, a vegan eatery near our hotel.  ...And then there was Dinosaur BBQ.  Biploar much?


they seem big on their hoagies in this town.  I had an amazing prosciutto, fresh mozz and roasted red pepper sandwich for lunch from a place called Cangiano's.  Dinner between shows was scallop and bacon chowder from the local hipster coffee shop, Northern Light Espresso Bar.  I ate it on a bench in the plaza, because A) it was pretty nice outside and B) I felt wrong about taking my carnivorous soup into the vegan cafe to pick up the rest of my meal.  

What's up with the recurring carnivore-vegan theme?