Haiku #47 - Food Mooch

Champion food mooch
Other people's waffle fries
Look so delicious

This is a big country, y'all.  I can say y'all, because we're in the South now, having spent the day in the bus driving in that direction from Scranton.  We're parked for the night in NC; tomorrow morning we continue to our next performance town of North Charleston, SC.

I had a stomachache when we stopped for a break at a mall somewhere in VA, and the only things in the food court that appealed to me were a strawberry shake and other people's waffle fries. I am, incidentally, totally winning the informal food mooching contest I'm having with Perry, the actor who plays our lead.  No one in my family will be surprised that I'm ahead at swiping food off of other people's plates.  My tour-mates should be flattered; it's a sign of affection.