Haiku #54 - Real American Home-Cookin'!

saved my appetite
'cause I know after the show
Greer's mom will feed us

Our last stop before the Thanksgiving layoff was Maryville, TN, where Greer, one of our female swings, grew up.  Greer's mom (who actually has a real name, Karen - though she said she goes by "Greer's mom" a lot) sent boxes of delicious homemade cookies to Clemson during tech week, and I was an instant fan.  She brought an entire meal to us at the hotel after the performance in Maryville, and Greer's family and the Heights cast hung out in the hotel conference room eating barbecue and salads and Kentucky Derby pie.  I could die happy.  I mean, that pie - like chocolate chip cookie dough in a pastry crust!  It's such a treat to have home-cooking when you're on the road.  

 Karen (2nd from right) with four well-fed members of the Heights band