Haiku #86 - Diminished

G#dim7! Take that, you grumpy neighborhood fart, you!
does this old geezer
know he's messing with the wrong
music theory nerd?

Spanish Harlem, December 23: an anecdote

My parents are staying in a studio sublet about a 15-minute walk from my apartment.  I just got an acoustic guitar, and decided to take my new toy with me when I went over this afternoon.  It's light, so I completely forgot I had it strapped to my back as I strolled down 2nd Avenue.  

Thus, I was completely taken aback when I passed a guy, probably in his 50s, who took a good hard look at me and said, "You probably don't even know what a diminished chord is."  What??  Pause to regain my wits.  I hollered ineffectually at him as he continued walking the other direction, "Actually, yes I do!"  How does he know?? I thought.  About two blocks later, I remembered - ohhhh, the guitarrrrr.  

Hah.  Well, he picked the wrong snowflake to start a music theory brawl with!  As soon as I got to the sublet and related my tale of indignation, I set about figuring out a diminished chord (see pic).  I am not a hipster poser!