Haiku #134 - Cancelled Flight and Lost Luggage

JFK: Clarkie, Kurt, and I enjoy our breakfast of (delayed) champions.
Tonight, Alex and I enjoyed Smash - advertised in the background.
flight cancellation 
may lead to pre-noon drinking
at the airport bar

I realize the past couple posts may lead readers to believe I'm an alcoholic.  Be that as it may; I'm comfortable enough in my lightweight-ness to be taken for the opposite.  

The New York-based numbers of our company assembled at JFK just in time for our flight to Toronto... and at the last minute, we were told the flight had been canceled.  No explanation.  We were re-booked on a flight leaving four hours later from LaGuardia, but had to wait for confirmation that we'd all be able to get on the flight.  Obviously, the thing to do was to have a breakfast cocktail in the airport bar.  

Somewhere in the shuffle, one of my checked bags went missing.  Hopefully it will join me in Toronto soon.  Epic travel day!