Haiku #143 - Toronto

food, coffee, massage
a trip to Chinatown yields
many benefits

Alex, Kurt, Cherie and I had a terrific breakfast at Karine's yesterday.  Tucked away inside a food court, it's a definite must-eat for budget travelers in Toronto: cheap, yummy, environmentally conscious.  I had a roast-veg omelet, and stole some of Alex's fries with homemade ketchup.  We caffeinated ourselves at Dark Horse Espresso Bar, and then unwound with hourlong reflexology foot massages at a place on Dundas in Chinatown.  It was pretty amusing with the four of us and each of our masseuses in one room, chatting amiably in Mandarin and English, with Cherie acting as translator when necessary.  

We're here for two more days, then on to West Virginia and beyond!