Haiku #152-4 - Sonnet

I've missed a posting a few days recently, so today, I will catch you up with a haiku each from Kurt, Cherie, and me, and a sonnet for good measure.  This is how we entertain ourselves during long bus trips.  Missouri overnight tonight, then Friday and Saturday nights, shows in Lincoln, NE!

I spy with my eye
something red and crescent-shaped
it is on the bus

(Yes, we played "I spy" via text-haikus.  Incidentally, it was the red handle to the escape hatch at the top of the bus.)

the Midwest is big
Haikus can get lost out here
free-range syllables

in this vast prairie
haikus turn into sonnets
that'll shut us up

Sonnet #1 - Ode to Brilliant Friends

A long day on the bus I feared could cause
a numbing of the mind and of the ass.
I greeted six a.m. with no applause
And soon my phone began to me harass.

As if alarm had not been pain enough,
The texts began to pile up thick and deep.
Kurt and Cherie were riffing off the cuff, 
A clear result of brains on little sleep.

The bus's wheels went on their countless rounds
As Thursday's sun arrived to the Midwest
No subject for haiku was out of bounds
In fact, I think we wrote some of our best. 

The moral - brilliant friends will help you find:
The bus will numb the ass but not the mind.