Haiku #161-164 - International Women's Day

I rarely post anything political.  I have friends from all over the political spectrum, and I love and respect them, even when I may not agree with them. Recently, though, after a long hiatus from reading the news, I've been riveted by numerous disturbing stories about women in this country, their rights, and the war being waged on them.  

Here are some haiku with links to recent news stories (in case you've been living under a rock and don't know what I'm talking about).  Happy International Women's day!  Would be lovely to think we could rest on the hard work of women's rights advocates of the past few decades, but it is apparent that that is not the case.  

Dear Republicans:
Keep your legislation out
of my vagina.

state of Virginia
wishes to rape its women
with foreign objects
(same article as above; see third paragraph)

if Rachel Maddow
said anything half so bad
she'd be fired post-haste

read the news, you'd think
that embryos are people
but women are not

Women's rights - to family planning, to education, to the pursuit of happiness, be it work or unpaid work at home - are not a political issue.  They are an issue of civilization.  A society that undermines and attacks its women is doomed.