Haiku #184 - April Fools!

something is diff'rent
a certain je ne sais quoi
maybe it's the hair
"Lac" and "Zach"
Photo by CBT

For yesterday's April 1 matinee, "Lac", with his distinctive hair, conducted, and "Zach", his associate on Broadway, played Key 2.  "Zach" wore 4-inch platform heels for extra height, possibly the first time he's ever been in drag.  A good time and many laughs were had by all.  

By the by... goodness knows what was in that wig.  Kurt found it in Toronto.  He seems fine so far...

Great audiences and nice weather all weekend in Palm Desert.  

Sorry about the haiku silence - the internet at the hotel didn't work, and I didn't have the patience to contend with the mobile app.  In NYC this week for a short break, will try to catch up - lots of fun in SoCal to haiku about!