Haiku #218 - Cuban home-cooking!

Yay, family and yummy home-cooking!

Abuela feeds us
threatening amounts of food
too full to escape!

Tourmate Carlos lives with his family not far from Newark airport, where we landed yesterday for one last layoff before the end of tour.  Since we arrived right around rush hour, he invited Kurt and me to hang with his family rather than head right back into the city. We both accepted, since friendly people and home-cooked Cuban food sounded like a better idea than surly commuters and takeout. It was definitely the right choice choice - got to play cards with the kids, and meet a bunch of Carlos' family, and eat beans and rice, frituras, guayaba cake, chicken, caldo, steak and onions, yuca, salad with mojo, finished off with cafe... don't hate me cuz I'm well-fed!