Carry A Nation: a #sonnet with #feminine #rhymes

Ms. Nation used her bible and a hatchet
To make a point when other methods failed her.
For sheer persuasive force nothing could match it;
Biographers since then have asked what ailed her.

“That bitch be crazy” – this was the conclusion
Drawn by those (mainly men) who write our histories.
But what if said madness was an illusion
Of trite one-sided tales and other mysteries?

With context* her actions appear in order
Even to those of us who like our whiskey.
She tried letters and protests; they ignored her,
And her mode of expression grew more risky.

A warning from a wounded women’s nation:
When silenced, we resort to hatchetation.

carry nation.jpg

*context: highly recommend this fascinating biography of Nation, which offers an interpretation of Nation’s life that avoids both rose-tinted glasses and jumping to insanity conclusions.