Haiku #173 - St. Paddy's in Dallas

many shades of green:
St. Paddy's Day in Dallas
means jalapenos

Last night we celebrated St. Paddy's Day with a mixer with the cast and crew of the Million Dollar Quartet tour at a bar downtown.  There was dancing and drinks, and there were jalapeno poppers the size of my head (slight faux-Irish exaggeration). Everyone was Irish, even our resident Italian.

Haiku #170 - Dallas, TX

please play on the grass
between all the interstates
don't mind if i do

My parents freak out a little about walking on green grass.  This is because A) they both grew up in the desert Southwest where anyone who cares for their feet steers clear of the "grass" and B) they lived for several years in Cambridge, England where something horrible and British would befall them if they dared to step on the grass.  I thought of them when I saw this sign near the opera house in Dallas.  

Haiku #169 - Mexican Drag Show

where I learned to say
"mátame, tequila, que-el
amor no pudo!"

("kill me, tequila, 'cause love couldn't!") - Carlos, our new swing, taught me this phrase.  

A bunch of us went out tonight to a place called Barcadia to hang out with some people from Young Frankenstein, who are also in town and came to our show.  Giancarlo and Marcus went down the street to find food, and Cherie and I followed suit.  Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into - Oscar Palacios y el Show Extasis.  I've seen plenty of drag shows in New York, but never a Texican drag show. 
I texted this picture to Kurt back at Barcadia, and he and the rest of the gang showed up soon after and stayed to close down the joint.