Hurricane Irene

Hiding my Piano from Irene!

Kawai Leopard-Pillow-Garbage-Bag Monster

I dressed my piano up as a sofa so Irene hopefully won't find it in the event my living room window breaks.  I'm on the 5th floor, so it's unlikely flying debris will be a problem (I heard glass break somewhere below me last night... and are we still under tornado watch? Not sure...), but there is a tree right outside that I've always loved for its sort of Zen-window-view representation of the seasons.  It's looking a little worse for wear and still has the heaviest winds to go, but so far so good.  

Diesel holding down the fort.
Speaking of windows, I slept in my entryway last night, because everywhere else in my apartment is too close for comfort to windows and the trees right outside.  This is the only instance in which I will complain about being too close to trees in New York City.

Central Park-Conservatory Gardens

 I took a walk yesterday morning during the calm before the storm, and took some pictures in Central Park.  Lots of people were milling around.  There was a couple looking at the plants in the Conservatory Gardens - I overheard the one of the women tell her partner about a type of grass that bends every but doesn't break in a storm.  Lots of people were walking their dogs.  There was a wedding party getting photos taken.  

My facebook news feed is filled with complaints of the anticlimactic hurricane.  Better that than catastrophic, I say!  We still have a few hours to go... here's hoping it is actually anticlimactic!

Metronomes and Hurricanes

My friend Dr. Beat
Sometimes he's there to push me
Sometimes calm me down

Gahhhh my focus sucks tonight!  I got my mind on the approaching hurricane, and a bunch of music I have to and/or want to learn.  Right now the metronome's job is to slow me down.  Sometimes it's there to nudge me faster, bit by bit; sometimes it's the CSI unit to sniff out rhythmic or technical crime scenes; right now it's the old granny lady forcing me to calm the hell down and concentrate.  

(Well, right now I'm taking a break to post this, and am gonna go visit Nat next door.  Concentration may have to wait for another hour.)

I have water, extra batteries, and other important emergency supplies for me and Diesel (you know, like beer, and cookies).  I also have extra 9V batteries for my metronome.  Irene, I think I'm ready for you.  

Incidentally, if you haven't yet, I hope you'll check out my "Lullabye" video (below).