Haiku #207 - Sonora Desert Museum

Kurt and I play Organ Pipe Cactus at the Sonora Desert Museum
Photo by CBT
is it a cactus
or musical instrument?
try it and you'll see!

Trip to one of my favorite Tucson-area attractions, the Sonora Desert Museum! Had a lovely week in Tucson, now in Greeley, CO for a show tomorrow night.  Greeley, home of my alma mater University of Northern Colorado, is as it ever was (that is not high praise). But I am looking forward to seeing some old friends and familiar faces tomorrow night! 

Haiku #206 - Real American: Gumby

Forgot your lunch or
need to clear a football field?
Gumby is your man.
from left: Gumby, Horsehead, 5ive (holding Gumby's lunch box)

Profession: security guard
Etymology of nickname: a supervisor who didn't want to remember his name
Professional triumph: running a guy off a football field during a rainstorm and getting invited to do security at NFL games
Random fact: loves comic books (Batman)

Haiku #201 - Kokopelli Goes Home!

Kokopelli desk lamp at hotel! He's home!
in the arid land
of cactus and big sky where
kokopelli plays

I'm home!  Sort of.  Tucson is the closest this tour will go to my hometown, about a 3.5 hour drive.  My sister went to the U of A, and my aunt has lived here for a long time, so I've spent a fair amount of time in this town.  Looking forward to seeing family and visiting some favorite Tucson haunts!