addictive pastimes

Haiku #116 - Scramble and Other Addictive Apps

Cherie and Uke-snavi, right, and Kurt, left, probably playing Scramble
Bryan carefully navigates the bus down a snowy highway
all day on the bus
worthy Scramble opponents 
help to pass the time

We are Somehwere in Ohio, heading to our overnight stop on the way to the weekend's shows in Lexington, KY.  Snowing all day.  Our bus driver, Bryan, is getting us to our destination steadily, if a little slower than planned.  This long ride is helping me solidify my new addiction to Scramble on my phone.  I've been playing all day with my usual suspects, Kurt and Cherie (with occasional breaks for cribbage), and Perry and Greer have also challenged me to a game.  Time to get some actual work done for the rest of the trip...