Haiku #225 - Backyard BBQ

city girls choose shoes
to wear to backyard cookout
not thinking of mud

I think about puddles in the city, but never about mud unless I'm going to the park. How great to have friends who have a backyard, to be reminded about mud! The barbecue was at Nat and Shane's new-ish place on the West side. I miss having her as a neighbor, but it was fun to be at one of their first outdoor gatherings!

Haiku #208 - Greeley, CO

Erin's family drove all the way from NM to see me in Greeley...
...and I'm lame because I kept forgetting to take pictures with the people I saw today!
got to spend time with
quite a few blasts from the past
in my college town

Whew, I am exhausted tonight! It is to be expected and totally worth it after a day of coffee dates, catching up, and conducting.  I had most of the day free before the show, so I got to see some old friends and professors.  I got to conduct tonight's performance, which was cool because I had a lot of people there.  My friend Paul even brought a bunch of his musical theater students from Ft. Collins!

Haiku #177 - Dallas

good meals, inside jokes
random youtube videos
that's what friends are for
Cherie photographing her tandoori lamb burger at Chop House
 Nice to be in the same place for a couple weeks.  Kurt & Cherie and I went to Chop House for lunch today and enjoyed some spectacular burgers and (yes) truffle parmesan fries.  I'm a little under the weather, so didn't join other company members for karaoke tonight, and instead made a hot toddy and geeked out on youtube videos with Kurt for a little while.  Four more days in Dallas!

Haiku #71 - Reunion!

skype-ing with Cherie
Kurt and Parker sing Barbra
while the cupcakes cool
from left: Cherie in CA, me, Kurt & Parker in my kitchen in NYC

Tonight, Kurt and Parker came over for a little baking party.  We made Earl Grey-poached pear cupcakes, and played and sang standards. Cherie joined us via skype from California.  The evening ended in the wee hours with Kurt, Parker, my roommate Seth and me geeking out on youtube videos, drinking Earl-Grey-pear juice with Jameson.  

It seems so strange that I've only known these people for three months.