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Weekly Wish 06-06-11 - Reality and Madness

This one's for all you Geminis out there, in particular my bestest buddy Sarah, who's having a birthday today.  We've been friends for twenty-four years, since we were six.  She's thirteen days older than I am, which makes me a Gemini too, as will shortly become clear in this short story featuring our old friends, Katgut and the Voice of Reason:

"Ok, people.  Here's the deal," I began to type.

I went on to say that I'm preparing my first audition since I had some bad experiences a couple years ago and decided I needed to stay home and get my shizzle togizzle, so to speak. 

"So, I quit," I said.  "I quit this dumb Weekly Wishes bullsh*t, I'm tired of arguing with myself about how to spend my time. I'll put that energy into finding the next step in my career.  It's the Reasonable Thing To Do."

Really, Kat?  Not even 20 minutes in a day, as a kind of meditation, to work on something just because you love it and not because it pays the bills or might lead to the next step in your career?  You can't take that time to stay true to yourself as a musician, and build a sort of armor to shield yourself from the downsides of what can be a very unforgiving business?

Apparently Katgut has been reading Hunter S. Thompson:
"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side."

Well, damn.  As a talisman, to ward off vampires like Disappointment and Fear of Failure, I will spend a little time each day going back to practice and delve deeper into one of my favorite songs from last year, for which one day did not suffice: Billy Joel's "Summer, Highland Falls".

I'm glad I have a mind that can see and argue both sides of a case.  Not that this trait just for Geminis, but it's a good excuse to wish my fellow twins happy birthday season!