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I See the Light - Oscar Songs

Following my mom's advice to remain quiet unless I have something nice to say, I will refrain from writing about "I See the Light".  Some things I just don't like.

Ok, maybe I'll say one thing:
The "here/crystal clear" rhyme thing has been done before.  It has been done on a melody of ti-la-sol, with ti ("CRY"-stal) on the downbeat.  Not, ahem, a whole new world of songwriting.  Definitely not a brave one.  Then again, brave, exploratory art rarely wins awards from established institutions.  That is the world we live in.

That is all. 

What I love about learning a song a day: I am forced to prioritize, look at the big picture.  What are the most important things about this song?  What do I need to remember?  Harmony, form, melody, feel.  When the day is over, move on to the next thing, and just see how much I can recall later. 

What I love about taking more time: Getting more in the details.  What is the keyboard player doing?  Why can't I play that one riff?  Coming back with a fresh perspective - oh, that chord has an extension I didn't hear the first time through. 

I played a game of schedule tetris yesterday.  Actually, it was more like music chairs, because with tetris, everything fits somewhere if you can get to it fast enough.  With musical time slots, there are always little tasks left running around with no hour to sit on. 

My Weekly Wishes aren't falling neatly into the weeks.  I'll learn my last Oscar song, "If I Rise", on Sunday.  I will make the medley another week.  Tonight and tomorrow, I need to practice "Black Coffee", which I'm supposed to record with my friend tomorrow.  Or I'll work on the Gershwin transcription, if she has to reschedule (I just texted to confirm).  Wrapping up this week's Wish is being pushed aside so I can finish up Wishes from other weeks.

Some Wishes, like learning to play accordion, aren't meant to fit into a week.  (Sorry, neighbors.  Sorry, kitty.) It's only a framework to see how much time I can find within a week to practice just for fun, because I still suck at time-management. To let it go and move on to something else, because I will need to practice letting go and moving on until the day I die.


Weekly Wish: Oscar-Nominated Songs

Why I am not learning a song a day this year, even though I miss it:
because I'm writing about learning a song a day, a book which is turning out to contain barely any material from last year's blog posts. 

Because I'm learning audition material and working and looking for more work and doing stuff that is higher priority than learning a song every day just for the heck of it. 


Because I'm wishing.

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride: so goes the proverb.  I have a beggar, and she is saying, "Please please please let me go back to learning a song every day, just for a little while."  So this week, she will ride on a horse that says, "I wish I could still learn a song a day.  I wish I paid more attention to the movies.  I wish I knew this year's Oscar-nominated songs."

So, I'm going to learn the four songs that are nominated for Best Original Song:
"Coming Home" from Country Strong
"I See the Light" from Tangled
"If I Rise" from 127 Hours
"We Belong Together" from Toy Story 3
 and I am going to make a little medley for solo piano. 

Target date for starting to post videos: on or before Valentine's Day.  Hold me to it, readers!