Haiku #159 - Vogons

on the phone again
with my health insurance co
it's such a racket

Anyone who knows me knows how much I hate administrivia.  I am offended by cleaning, cooking, sleeping, showering, paying bills, making routine phone calls - anything that has to be done repeatedly just to keep life chugging along.  My own neurotic problem.  

But seriously, why can't my health insurance company automate my monthly payment without a ton of hassle and snail mail?  SNAIL MAIL!  I ask you.  They are the only company I do business with with whom snail mail is the most convenient way to take care of billing.  It's an inefficient way of doing business.  PLEASE, take my tax dollars and centralize this sh*t, so that the kind man who helped me on the phone can get laid off and be forced to find something more useful and creative to do with his life.