Haiku #75 - Crazy Cat Lady

This is basically a transcription of an exchange my roommate and I had last night:

"So then what's your plan 
to meet someone?  Move back home?"
"I'll just get more cats."
Diesel now knows what suitcases mean, and he gets real needy when he sees them come out.  He did this a lot when I was packing for tour.

And thank you, Modern Family, for making me feel validated:
Q: So dumb guys go for dumb girls, and smart guys go for dumb girls - what do smart girls get? A: Cats, usually.    

Haiku #12 - Roomies!

Better to lose sleep
because you like your roommate
than because you don't.

Me with my tour roommate, Alex the Badass Bassist 
We both look a little tired at the airport waiting for our flight back to New York, partly because we've been working very hard, and partly because we're getting into a habit of staying up talking and sharing music.  She is going to introduce me to funky jamz and remind me how to wear lipstick, and I'm going to introduce her to Latin grooves and teach her how to pack. We're a good team, and half of the rhythm section of the Heights band.