Bad Day

Toto, we aren't in Kansas anymore. ...Or are we? And if we aren't, what's up with the tornadoes? A lot of people had a worse day than I did yesterday because of the storm that tore through the city, but my phone and ipod both succumbed to water damage that even a night drying them out in a bag of rice couldn't cure. They were in my bag and I had an umbrella, and I was only outside for about 5 minutes - it was raining that hard. I was in midtown Manhattan, and I can't imagine what it was like in hard-hit Brooklyn and Queens.

Well, actually, this being the age of youtube, I can imagine, and can in fact watch what it was like. These guys got one of the best videos I've seen, by virtue of them being completely fearless and/or CRAZY in their documentation of the storm. It's kind of Blair Witch meets Twister meets Animal House. I recommend mute for the expletive-sensitive; rated R for Language.

I started today feeling a little blue, and I decided to learn Daniel Powter's song "Bad Day".  Misery loves company, and sometimes it helps me to remember I'm not the only one who has bad days.  I felt gratified to see that the music video for "Bad Day" involves rain and an umbrella, and wistful/melancholy observation by single people of happy couples on public transportation.  And a happy ending.  So there's hope. I guess.  I could be convinced.

I've been geeking out a little less on here lately, ... I think?  If I'm right about that, it's because I'm just not verbalizing a lot of stuff I used to be conscious of with the form and chord progression and arrangement - it's sort of automatic now (well... semi-automatic; if it were really automatic, I wouldn't notice... so I'm a semi-automatic, is that it?).  I'm sort of a semi-automaton from lack of sleep right now.  Heading into another busy period and don't have time to think or analyze - just do.  Analyze on the other side of the madness, assuming you make it.