Orange-Colored Sky

So wiped out.  Doing as little as possible today, which includes not working out, and choosing a short song: Orange-Colored Sky.  I was pretty indecisive about songs today... sleep-watched Chess in Concert and thought about learning "Anthem", which is a standard in my musical theater world.  I ran across Orange-Colored Sky sheet music while I was looking for something else and decided to learn it instead.  Downloaded Nat King Cole's version and used it and the sheet music to learn the song. Pretty quick work memorizing it - have played it for probably a half dozen singers in classes, auditions etc, so I was already pretty familiar with it, but as I've noticed, before I started this project, I could sight-read something any number of times and never remember it later.  I practiced it with a drum loop to work on my schwing... always and ever, working on the swing.

A 49-hour weekend - hooray falling back!  I am actually giving myself a weekend, sort of.  I found a stopping place in the never-ending stream of emails around 5 p.m. yesterday and took a 3-hour nap.  I have my church gig tomorrow, but other than that, it's a real weekend!  For those of us who live to work, the to-do list never really gets any shorter, but sometimes the tasks that have piled up in the "urgent" column are few enough that you can just refuse to deal with them for a day or two.