Rainy Days and Mondays

I was going to start a unit on crazy today, but when I peeked out my window this morning, I decided crazy would have to wait a day, because this was clearly the Monday to learn "Rainy Days and Mondays".  Rainy days are a big enough drag, and the fact that it's Monday just adds insult to injury (though with my schedule, it doesn't really matter what day of the week it is). I've played this song a couple times at my lobby gig - on rainy Mondays, of course - and the refrain is somewhere in my childhood memory, but it's not a song I knew very well before today. 

It's always nice to have companions who "get it", even if those companions are songs.  They're no substitute for friends who get it, but a song will do in a pinch (and is, in some cases, better).  The first time I really listened to the lyrics, the first line: yes.  Yes.  I talk to myself sometimes, and lately, I've been feelin' old.  A year without a single guilt-free day off will do that to a body.  And I certainly want to quit sometimes.  I love how matter-of-fact this song is - it doesn't sugarcoat or shrink away from the suckiness of being blue on a crappy-weather Monday.  It just acknowledges the situation.  Very vipassana-mindful Buddhist-ish. 

Funny thing about this song, the singer seems to have a companion, but she only refers to him in the bridge.  I'd be a little miffed if she were singing to me.  "Oh, so it's the only thing to do, run to the one who loves you??  And how is it funny?!  I just don't get you sometimes."  ...Ah, but there will always be those times, and that's when song companions come in handy.