I Hope You Dance

I am very excited right now, because I had a double cappuccino to counteract my sleep deprivation, and because my first column for the website Big Vision Empty Wallet just went up - check it out: http://www.bigvisionemptywallet.com/features/2010/12/2/art-and-life.html

Recent songs:
MON: Toby Keith, "Should've Been a Cowboy".  Love this song.  It reminds me of seventh grade.  It also makes for a really good androgynous facebook status update: "Kat Sherrell should've been a cowboy."  Not quite as good as "Kat Sherrell knew it complete when she wore a younger man's clothes", but not bad either.  China is definitely going to take over the world, because all the movers and shakers in the "free" world are sitting on their asses of an afternoon, thinking of clever status updates.  Anyway...

TUE: I earned back my political karma by learning "Not Ready to Make Nice" by the Dixie Chicks.  Listen to the bridge.  Go.  Go now and listen (in fact, if you download it from here, I earn 10c ... I just found out I've earned a single dime from one download!  ...But amazon won't pay in increments less than ten bucks.  It made me laugh to find this out when they emailed me saying I should finish filling out my contact info so they could pay me.  Gotta love automated emails.  The bridge to "Not Ready to Make Nice" (it could also potentially be analyzed as verse-two-on-feminism-and-steroids - the chord progression stays the same, and the bridgey-melody part interrupts at the midway point on the verse): ladies and gentleman, this is the proper way to respond to a death threat. 

WED: John Hiatt, "Have a Little Faith"
TODAY: Lee Ann Womack, "I Hope You Dance"

Outta time for writing!  Please check/share out my column (or this or any of my posts, if you feel so inclined and have more than three facebook friends ;)!