My Favorite Things

FAIL.  Every couple weeks I have a day where I am just too tired for ANYTHING.  In the morning, I taught three new classes at Circle in the Square - well, old classes, but new to me as I was subbing for my friend-the-usual-music-theory-teacher.  Then in the afternoon, in increments of an hour each: travel/break, rehearsal, travel/break, coaching with a new client.  Taught a lesson to a new student in the early evening.  Afterward, returned home and attempted to be productive with very, very limited success.  New classes/clients/students take extra mental energy, and I was a little fried.  The four-hour practice session was simply not to be. 

Went to bed early on the condition that I get up early to read through a musical score I have to learn over the weekend.  "Learned" "My Favorite Things" and "Edelweiss".  Quote marks around "learned", because I just sounded them out by ear, played through each a couple times, and called it a night.  I have heard these songs since I was little.  Downloaded them this morning (I did manage to roll out of bed before 6:30, which is not terrible since an "early" bedtime for me is 11:45 p.m.), will print the lyrics and analyze and listen to the arrangement.  Probably will only count one of them - I mean, how half-ass can I get?  Then again, I guess being able to sound out a song I know by ear but have never played from memory is an important skill too.  Rationalize much?

Today: Born to be Wild