Performed by Kool & the Gang
120-122 BPM
Left me wondering: Who wrote the horn parts?

Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh I'm so busy!!! This week is a little extra crazy. It is the first week of my thirties, that must be why.

I wanted to make a relatively big deal out of my birthday this past weekend, since it was the first really scary one. Two problems: 1. my bday weekend was sandwiched between two busy weeks of work, the first of which was in Florida. 2. I am terrible at planning social occasions.

Luckily, Nat (of Nat & Kat) is good at organizing parties. She organized people and places and grocery lists, and dispatched her boyfriend to help me pick up the latter Saturday afternoon before the party. (I like grocery shopping with someone who can help me rationalize buying the family-size bag of Cheetos.) The weather was perfect, and I got to hang out with some of my favorite people, and a good time was had by all.