Greetings from Jacksonville!

Hello, dear readers, from sunny FL, where I'm music directing at musical theater camp for the week. I've been trying to post all week, but for some reason either the blogger site (I just accidentally typed blooger) or the hotel wifi has not been allowing me to post.  

News - in keeping with my long-established tradition of changing my mind/breaking my own rules, I have decided to go back to learning a song a day.  I miss waking up and wondering - like a kid in a candy store - what song I'm going to learn today.  But only on weekdays!  I'm not totally crazy.  

This week I've learned: 
"Happiness" (from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown)
"It's Raining Men" 
"Teenage Dream"
"Forever and Ever, Amen"

More later, and perhaps a return to geekery - for now, time to sleep off the Thai food I had for dinner with the other musical director.