Book of Mormon

Haiku #301 - Book of Mormon in Chicago

they know the show now
time to add lights and costumes
off to Chicago!

The Chicago company of The Book of Mormon, for whom I had the pleasure of playing rehearsals here in New York, will soon be off to Chicago for a run beginning December 11th. I was sad to say goodbye to everyone after spending 3 1/2 weeks in rehearsal with them, but look forward to visiting them and seeing the show in Chicago!

Haiku #291 - Broadway Impact

The Broadway company of Book of Mormon celebrates Brian Sears and Nick Spangler, who were to run the NYC marathon and raised thousands of dollars to advocate for marriage equality through Broadway Impact. They were taken on a "cool-down jog" through the theater district and led up to the mezzanine where many company members were waiting to surprise them.

you can run away
or run to create the world
you want to live in

Props also to marathoners who ran supplies and volunteered in devastated neighborhoods today, and to my friend Dodd who ran his own marathon through affected areas, and raised thousands of dollars in pledges for the Red Cross recovery effort.

Nick (left), me (silly pose), and Brian (right)
Why yes, those are handmade "mylar" blankets!
I love theater people!

Haiku #252 - Book of Mormon

Rehearsal with Travis, Graham, Jablonski, Stephen, and Delius
pitchforks and top hats
just a normal day at work
at Book of Mormon

People, Places, Things:
We are rehearsing for coverage on Broadway, but you might get to see a couple of these guys if you see the upcoming Chicago production!