Haiku #301 - Book of Mormon in Chicago

they know the show now
time to add lights and costumes
off to Chicago!

The Chicago company of The Book of Mormon, for whom I had the pleasure of playing rehearsals here in New York, will soon be off to Chicago for a run beginning December 11th. I was sad to say goodbye to everyone after spending 3 1/2 weeks in rehearsal with them, but look forward to visiting them and seeing the show in Chicago!

Haiku #281 - Edwin Drood

went with my friend Christy to the 1st preview of the Drood revival  -
Didn't know the show and it turned up to be
right up my Anglophile, mystery-loving alley.
Cast great, staging, design and music beautifully done - go see it!

so many choices
how to spend a Friday night?
clap and cheer for Drood!

People, Places, Things:
Roundabout Theatre 

Haiku #238 - A Strange Loop

I had a great time working with these people on a reading of a new musical last week:
Chris, Frank, DaShaun, Darius, Jason, Michael R. Jackson (composer), James, me, and Derrick
not pictured - Stephen Brackett (director); Jason Sherbundy (music supervisor)
We all look a little psycho; photo editing is not high on my priority list...
precious little dreams
come true with blood, sweat, tears, and 

People, Places, Things:
A Strange Loop by Michael R. Jackson
Murphy and Gonzalez