Haiku #301 - Book of Mormon in Chicago

they know the show now
time to add lights and costumes
off to Chicago!

The Chicago company of The Book of Mormon, for whom I had the pleasure of playing rehearsals here in New York, will soon be off to Chicago for a run beginning December 11th. I was sad to say goodbye to everyone after spending 3 1/2 weeks in rehearsal with them, but look forward to visiting them and seeing the show in Chicago!

Haiku #113 - Hasta la Vista, Chicago...

State Street - my favorite place to cross the river
Downtown Chicago -
I'd never tire of this view...
Farewell til next time!

5:30 this morning saw me competing with my tourmates for elevator space to get luggage down to the bus, and now we are well on our way to Erie, PA. (And the wifi on the bus is working! It's the little things.)  This week we'll also be bringing Washington Heights to Elmira, NY and Lexington, KY.  I'll be seeing a lot of America the next few days!

I think it's safe to say we all had a great time in Chicago - I know I did.  Hope to be back again before too long!

Haiku #111, 112 - Lowdown Brass Band

Andrew (right in front of the sousa bell) and the LDB
the Lowdown Brass Band
happy former band nerd (me)
you should have been there

Our trombonist, Andrew, is from Chicago, and he actually had a couple gigs this week after our show.  Last night, a bunch of us went to Martyrs hear him play with his New Orleans second line band.  It. Was. Awesome.  If you like second line music, or loud brassy music in general, you should get their CD.  Or hear them live, if you're near Chicago. 

will have been worth it
if you go deaf hearing a
good second line band

Haiku #108 - Green Mill

Al sitting in at Green Mill, impressing the hell out of everyone 
a badass bassist
cleverly disguised as a
sweet Jewish princess

Apologies for the delay, folks, but I was out with this one and several others from our show, and I was too sleepy by the time we got back to the hotel to string 17 syllables together.  Our trombone player, Andrew, is a regular player with the Thursday night swing band at Green Mill when he's not out on tour, and he invited us to check it out.  Alex and Giancarlo both sat in with the band, and Kurt and Giancarlo danced with Chloe and Cherie and me. Kurt taught me a move called the slingshot, which we later practiced verrrrry slowly while we waited for the train (prudence of practicing swing dancing on a snowy train platform late at night after even just one drink: questionable).

3 more days and 5 more shows in Chicago!

Haiku #106 - Chicago (3)

John Hancock Center, among other buildings
I spotted on my power walk this morning...
Chicago's full of
corn-fed Midwestern towers
tall and strong and proud

I've only been to Chicago once before (aside from the numerous times I've flown through/been stuck at the airport), and I love the architecture.  Chicago, as it is wont to do, kept me an extra day due to weather.  I spent part of my extra day in the Signature Room on the 95th floor of the Hancock Tower, sipping a cocktail and watching some technicolor storm clouds.

We open tonight at the Oriental Theater - gonna finish my supper and head back over there!